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They use small, cheap computers smuggled in I believe. Think raspberry pi, attached to a small screen.

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Fascism and communism both suck. The free republic is where its at.

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Generally speaking, are people seeking a politician that aligns with liberal democratic values? Like women being equal to men legally? Or do people want a more traditional government that will heavily enforce islamic law?

Is the countries oil owned by foreign corporations?

Is the government corrupted because of the opium trade? Or is it just generally a squandering of the nations money? How much ofnthe oil revenue is being taxed by the government?

Is the NWO supporting this government? Is my country, the U.S generally supporting free elections or are they propping up leaders who will give away the countries oil to foreign companies? Is this the root of the problem?

How is life there now and how has it changed over the past two decades since the U.S invasion?

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What kind of evil people put 11 year olds in prison? We should be killing off the kim family. One small well placed MOAB could wipe out the entire leadership of the country.

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Oh I was just wondering how a professional researcher viewed it. Its so weird and there was obviously some horrible shady stuff going on. Then again if I was Epistein I would kill myself. Then again if I was in to that I'd definitley want that dude dead.

Whats crazy is, reguardless of what happened. The fact that this dude even existed in the way that he did is crazy. Its almost so crazy that people cant even process it. It seems real but if it is, it says some crazy things about reality.