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Liuzhou1 karma

Why do you think it is okay to release this information to the public instead of reporting it to the FBI and TSA? There are too many people out there that will use this to kill others and you defend it by saying it is informative? That is the most pathetic display of "sharing" that I could imagine. You should be ashamed of yourself. Giving this kind of information to the world which can be used against it is a crime against humanity.

Liuzhou1 karma

I worked as a package handler for FedEx for a while. I noticed that maybe one driver on my line had a GPS and the others did their routes by memory. Would you have preferred an easier route or a more choppy route, but also have a GPS?

Liuzhou-3 karma

If you wanted to level the playing field, you should give this information to those that can do something about it. You're making a profit out of this and that is why you are doing it. Not everyone that wants to hurt others knows how to do it. Those that don't may now know due to you and it is those like you who spread this information that assist in harm to others. No excuse you give can defend these atrocious actions. You are pathetic. Stooping this low to make a buck?