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LittleJessiePaper11 karma

My middle kiddo was born with bi-coronal craniosynostosis, which was corrected surgically when she was 11months old. Her surgeon told me that a lot of what he does in these cases is a cross between carpentry and art. Do you feel like most surgeons in this specialty have to have more of that artistic sense, since a lot of what is done seems to be by feel?

I’ve also wondered how often craniofacial/plastic surgeons/etc see cases like that. He said it was the hardest he’d done, but she’s great now years later! Do you have a lot of occasions to really save people like that?

LittleJessiePaper2 karma

Thank you for the thoughtful reply! It’s really interesting the different approaches surgeons seem to take with this kind of situation.

We’re definitely hoping she won’t need further intervention. We were told that since it isn’t a genetic issue there is less reason to worry about future surgery. I still wonder what caused it since there were no risk factors that we were ever aware of, such as those you mentioned. Hard to say. Regardless, she’s a healthy, happy, adorable 8 year old :)