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Thanks for doing this:
-What constitutes a good cover letter? Do I need to include everything mentioned in the job offer?

-If a job asks for experience I don't have, should I still apply or do I go directly on the reject file?

-I assume it's really bad to lie on your CV. Do you have a story about someone who made an outrageous claim on his CV and got caught out?

-Is there a tactic to play hard to get on an interview, saying you're not sure if you'd actually take the job? Or is that just plain stupid?

-Is it good to try to do some small talk with the interviewer before/after (because I will most likely be working with them) or should I keep it professional?

-Do people still ask the crazy questions like "How many golfballs would you need to fill a bus?"

LittleHyperbole1 karma

-Are there facts that you would love to write a 'Now I know' about but for some reason you can't. And if so, why?
-I've noticed you in the comments on TIL. What do you think about people posting TIL's straight from Now I Know?