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He is! He's very serious, in terms of wanting the show to be funny and shooting to go well. But it's like working on a playground. Everyone gets to be as creative as they want, and Larry can't help but laugh when he thinks something is hilarious. It's completely infectious.

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I have built up nothing but a thick skin. I have been incredibly lucky to work in this industry. Yes, it's cut throat and competitive as hell. And it takes a LOT more fame than I have now to get offers without auditions. HOWEVER, acting in my 40's is much more fun than it was in my 20's. Girls at auditions used to be so competitive and try to sabotage... Now it's a roomful of women rooting for each other and we laugh our asses off. I'm very happy I stuck it out and I hope I continue to work.

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Favorite: Curb Your Enthusiasm, without question. Every time.

Least: X-Files. I was a nervous wreck all day because I had a bathtub scene. Then the scene was SO ROUGH. I was in tepid water for hours. Plus... Creepy.

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Yes. But if I'm at your dinner party, I'd prefer "energy-challenged Susan" or "Susan who enjoys a good nap".

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Yes. Very much was my answer to "Do you like acting".

I obviously do not like the KKK. Or you.