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100 page book and it doesn't even have a climax. Shocker.

LiquorQuickly3 karma

Hey! So far I like what I've played of the game. I have some minor issues, like the frame rates, and quest bugs. But other than those the game plays really well.

Now If you'll follow me on this one, I have a bit of a curse. In every MMO I play, If I go in blind, I pick what's generally considered the most worse off class. Vanilla WoW? Warlock. GW (vanilla) and even GW2? Ranger. These classes are fine now, but at launch they really soured my experience because they didn't play well to begin with, and weren't fixed in a timely fashion. The GW2 ranger is still being worked on from what I understand.

So let me ask you. What's the Carbines philosophy on balance? Can we expect timely balance patches? What would a patch look like? Would it be akin to Blizzard patch notes? Or how Icefrog (DotA 2) does things, small incremental changes usually?

Also there's a lot of empty space between "hubs". Walking from hub to hub sucks early game. I suggest using that empty space for stuff.