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I'm not a professor at Columbia, but I find most people struggle at math because of a lack of understanding. Surprising, right? What I mean is that their foundation is weak. If you're in Calculus and struggle, identify your struggle and start back at the beginning. Most of the time, this would be Algebra and Trig. It takes time and many people simply won't put in the effort if they struggle. They'll just say, "I'm bad at math". Anyone can do math, it may take a particular person longer than another though. Learn the foundation and build on it. Algebra and Calculus can be understood as it doesn't take super in depth analysis. My experience is with electrical engineering and that's a different story.

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If true, it makes this ama misleading. The video rental was only a small slice of the full story. OP tried to created the illusion that he's this innocent guy who was done injustice. Violating probation is the issue here.