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Why was the mainstream narrative of this story that the fires are because of climate change? Since the forests are being intentionally lit on fire to increase meat production, what does climate change have to do with it?

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This economic incentive exists already. In the US, the main non-academic branch of archaeology is Cultural Resource Management (CRM) firms. When new development is going to happen, developers have a legal obligation to hire CRM archaeologists who will make sure nothing of archaeological value* is going to be disturbed. This phase is a much quicker process than an academic excavation, but it is as thorough as time allows. The goal is to not damage something of value, so if it's safely underground things can be built on top of it.

*Because of NAGPRA (Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act, one of the most influential laws in American archaeology), anything Native American and particularly any Native grave sites are automatically worthy of protection. If a Native grave is found, development halts.

There is no equivalent law for specifically African American graves