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What is the opinion of the average Venezuelan on the street about Nicolas Maduro, considering the circumstances? Would you say that support for him has decreased a lot compared to say, 5 years ago? Are there rumours/plans of people wanting to overthrow him?

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Dear Mr. Rudd,

I admire you overall because you are one of the few Western leaders who can actually speak in fluent Mandarin and understand Chinese culture. I wanted to ask you: with the rise of China in the world stage, as well as the election of Donald Trump as President of the US, what can we expect in the next 10 years as China moves on to be more prominent?

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Hello Prof. Robinson, nice to see you on reddit.

With the recent outbreak of chaos in Latin America, which countries do you think have institutions that are strong enough to withstand all of these fiascoes? I find that corruption and general lack of the public towards the institutions is a big obstacle in making Latin America a developed region.

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Hello to you both!

My background is in pharmaceutics, specifically drug discovery and design. I'm currently an assistant to my professor in Indonesia and we're currently researching potential new small molecules that can potentially act as new inhibitors of tumour metastasis and angiogenesis in certain cancers.

That aside, I've always been fascinated with the topic of developing drugs for a disease which is prevalent in the part of the world where I'm living, and which sadly does not get enough attention in the West. I am of course talking about dengue fever and the dreaded dengue virus.

I've only read a handful of things about it. The most problematic feature of that virus seems to be Antibody-Depended Enhancement which makes the development of a vaccine for it quite difficult. Although, Sanofi has not too long ago claimed that their new Dengvaxia vaccine is effective, and more pharmaceutical companies are to follow.

My question is, since your expertise is microbiology, could you tell us more about the virus, as well as potential strategies to develop vaccines against it?

Thank you in advance.