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A few months ago, a recruiter for your school reached out to me to fill a teaching position as I have CS and teaching experience.

I have been super hesitant as the salary is less than a developer made after graduating your school and working for a year. Especially for being in the SF area.

How do you find and retain teachers when the industry pays so well? The love? Pto? Etc? How many teachers do you employ and what is the goal for 2021? Do you plan on expanding out of SF?

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Thanks for the response. Makes me feel better about looking into it further.

Maybe I'll talk with you soon once everything settles down a bit.

Good luck with everything!

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I can answer that: no, there is no reason at this time to avoid it.

The chances that it erupts without warning is miniscule. The whole country would be in alert once it wakes up. That, and hundreds of thousands of people live within the radius every day. This is why it's one of the most dangerous volcanoes. If it erupted without warning, potentially a hundred thousand people would die easily.

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Oh I agree, and it's a damn shame.

I was mostly wondering how they can keep teachers when the work is harder (or at least longer) and the pay is less than in the industry.

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Jajce is beautiful.

I recently went to the waterfalls there and I was amazed at its beauty (and how empty it was). The watermills nearby are amazing too.