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I have so many amazing memories of George. One of my fondest memories is what he would say to me before we started the show...he would knock on the wall and say "Czarniak, Don't F*** it up!" Miss him and what he taught me

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great question... honest answer is I'm sure they don't love doing it but I can tell you from experience they are used to it. One of the most engaging was Jon Gruden this year, as well as Bruce Arians.

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fishing. I'm serious

LindsayCzarniak38 karma

great question....Shaq! but you probably knew that.

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I'm SO HAPPY for Jamie! she is such a rockstar and I can tell you from working with her for Indy 500 coverage - she is one of the very best in the business at her job. doesn't matter man or woman - I have admired her knowledge an work ethic for a long time. I think women are getting more opportunity - still not enough but I think it also takes us to stand up and say "I want that"