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No comment. ☺️

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If I can figure out how to link you to the video on Facebook, I will.

Edit: if you go to Facebook.com/denmarkblue, you can see the videos. They were posted April 28th, and there's four of them.


On April 26th, we had flights plans to go home for the Americans. The ship booked me a flight and had transportation arranged.

On April 27th, the CDC denied entry to our ship for disembarkation, but still granted permission to dock and get supplies in Los Angeles. The ship told me that we would be arrested if we attempted to leave.

On April 28th, CBP came to the ship to do a face-to-face passport check for our American crew. The officials told me that they would not be arresting me, that it's the CDC that has the problem.

I went back to my room and packed my bags. I attempted to leave the ship via the gangway with one backpack on and a lawyer's number written on my arm in case I was arrested. I was immediately stopped by security at the gangway.

The ship security officer was called, along with the captain and hotel director. The ship security officer began berating me, called me a silly little girl, among other things. The hotel director was much nicer. He's my boss's boss.

They both told me that I was ruining things for everyone, that I was being selfish, that I was screwing things up for the entire ship.

I requested repeatedly to be turned over to the United States authorities. I told them that a private company cannot continually hold me against my will, and that it is my right to enter my own country.

At some point they realized that I was Facebook live streaming it. They both stopped talking to me after that. The security officer told the security guards to detain me with physical force if necessary.

The LAPD, the Port authorities, and the CBP all ended up being called. I delayed the ship's departure by an hour+. I didn't do anything but stand peacefully at the gangway and request to be arrested / allowed to enter my home country.

Ultimately, the CBP and LAPD refused to arrest me, and I was not willing to assault someone or attempt to rush the gangway in an attempt to get off the ship.

The ship sailed off with me against my will, and now I've been transferred to another ship floating around in Mexican waters.

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Ships are taking turns docking and getting supplies. It is hard to convince the government to let us dock, so when a ship can, it takes more supplies than it needs and shares it with the other ships at sea, via small tender boats.

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I have read so many books. I've been posting a lot in /r/suggestmeabook to help others find books too. I also borrowed pokémon from a friend on board and just beat it!

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I wanted to travel and see the world! I have been to dozens of countries as part of working on the ship. It's really wonderful getting to see so many different cultures while not having to pay to travel.

The downside is the pay. I could make a lot more working on land.