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I know that you hunt and support a company selling meat. This seems to me to go directly against the stoic principle of seeing what is in your control and using that to the fullest to make the world a better place. Could you #NameTheTrait without falling for any logical fallacies?

What trait true of animals (intelligence, speciesm, sentiens etc), if true for humans, would justify treating humans like animals?

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In your latest book Stillness is the key you claim that people have free will, something that many modern scientists and philosophers disagree with and make a strong case against. Can you elaborate on your thoughts on the issue? And without the concept of free will, isn't the freedom offered by stoicism ultimately illusory since "we" don't actually independently make the decisions in our lives but are ruled by physical law?

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I appreciate that you replied. If not here, I would still challenge you to answer the #NameTheTrait argument for yourself privately. Because you are a smart dude. And there are some major contradictions here.