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Hi, glad to see you on Reddit.

I love your piece that you wrote a few years ago about lessons your dad taught you about mortality and immortality. I wish I had known about his work earlier than 2009 at age 19.

I have a lighter question than the others so far, about your dad. Did he enjoy the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes? I get the sense he'd've especially liked the Spaceman Spiff segments.

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What motivated you to learn Esperanto?

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Are you familiar with Daniel Tammet? What is your opinion on his claim to have learned conversational Icelandic in seven days?

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Some say this has already happened.

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You've seen the Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal webtoon about Carl Sagan trying to talk his son into changing the cat litter, right?

(Nick Sagan responded to it on Twitter a few years ago, saying that Carl wasn't a cat person and thus there was no litter box that needed cleaning).