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Fuck yeah! Like /u/Davidg327 I used to listen to you guys all the time when I lived in South Florida! You guys and WKPX were like the only stations I ever had on in the car!

I still remember the day I found you guys and was like "Woh! I found a station that plays acid jazz! Yes!"

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I've heard if you drink gold top, unpasteurized milk, you'll get sick because of all the anitbiotics. Is this true? What if I go to a local farmer who doesn't give his cows any drugs?

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Hi Mr. Adams!

I know you must get asked this a lot, so I apologize in advance, but did you intend to traumatize so many of my generation with the Watership Down movie? Although it scared the life out of me as a child, it's absolutely brilliant when I watch it back now.

Just kidding! I'm still too scared to watch it, even in my 30s!

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Cool, thanks!

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Thanks for the response!

Does that mean it's safe to drink unpasteurized milk?