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the non-Muslim

Really? You're trying to make this in an Islamophobic thing?

Well, let's set the record straight then:

The Muslim maimed and injured 264 people in addition to the 3 killed he killed. Because of him, there are hundreds of people who will live their lives crippled physically and emotionally, and maybe thousands who will live their lives crippled emotionally. Stop pretending that The Muslim did less than he did.

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Except they'll just build a pipeline to the Pacific ocean and ship the tar sands oil to China. Seriously, people are deluded if they think a pipeline is not getting built one way or another.

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He's probably talking about a different period of time. Answers can be seemingly inconsistent when we assume they all apply to the same period of time.

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Thanks. Anyone have the whole video??

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So charge the average person more at the pump and drain them of even more of their limited resources? I think people forget that it's the average joe who gets fucked when energy costs rise.