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I am not convinced that you are actually funny. The clown may have been funny but he is not you. What funny something can you write to convince me of your humorous prowess?

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How long does it take to charge the car?

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I am an Assistant in Nursing in an Australian aged care home and I can handle blood, bones sticking out or other things on the human body not being where they should be, urine, poop and mucus but I cannot handle vomit. Anyone vomits near me and I go out in sympathy! Colostomy bags would be right up there too. Do not want to deal with.

Most nurses in aged care where I am have said if they ever get dementia or other incurable diseases of old age they would commit suicide. Dealing with it on the daily makes you never want to be in the same position. How do you feel about that?

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Australia is quarantining people that have flown out of China too. I know several schools with Chinese students who flew back to China for a holiday and are back in Australia for the start of the school term are telling the students that they must stay in their rooms for a week or so and attend the doctor or school nurse before being allowed to attend classes. This is being taken very seriously.