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What about two hummingbirds who are fond of one another?

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Had a similar experience in India. I just remember picking the first thing that looked like it would pass for a 'stick' because you want the beating to be over ASAP.

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Am in Laos right now! People are very helpful here. And I had no idea how badly the Vietnam war had affected Laos as well..

Only after eating in a restaurant that was decorated with shells and ammunition crates did I ask and was told.

Best of luck.

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Bombay theme is an emotional roller-coaster for me; I discovered things in myself that had been elusive for many years.

Thank you, sir.

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That is beautiful.

This post has inspired me to start keeping a journal full of posts like these to read during times when I need an oxytocin boost.

May I ask what year and city this was in?

Thank you for sharing.