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That's a REALLY hard one because I've only just very recently reached out for help myself. Ultimately the decision has to come down to the individual - do they want to live as a real person with real interests and real happiness or can they honestly be content living a half life where all that matters is food? I don't know who I am without this illness but I'm going to try to find out.

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I watched a girl rip a pair of 'contraband' scissors from another patient's robe pocket and proceed to slash her mom in the face with them before taking off down the hall yelling and screaming and slashing at anyone in her way (she didn't draw blood from anyone but her mom)

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There are only 6 inpatient beds to treat eating disorders in my city, they are all full but I was deemed not medically stable enough to go home so now I have to wait here in the only bed they had. The healthcare system is highly flawed (but sometimes there's not much that can be done about it..I guess..)

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Excruciating, especially here where the psych patients are liable to say terrible things about you right to your face.

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Well, I find the staff really distant and cold which is bizzare because the last time I was hospitalized I was a minor and staff would go above and beyond to try to explain everything and make sure I knew what was going on. Here they just kinda put you in a room and maybe bring you food (they keep forgetting!) The whole thing is just...surreal...