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Hi! Thanks for doing this. I want to ask you, was there anytime during one of your climbs where you felt like your life was in more danger than normal for Everest? How did you come into that situation and get out of it?

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Wow. Thanks for sharing. That experience sounds harrowing. I would not have had the courage to attempt the climb again.

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Well I'm here to support that journey

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Hmm I have to take some time to think about this fully, so here is just some stream on consciousness rambling.

The first thing I would want to project out are the costs of running the operation. And I would start by projecting the cost of adding each addition to the network. This can be divided into server/site costs and personnel costs - for the writers.

From there you can develop a revenue strategy based on the number of readers you anticipate. I think in this day and age the subscription model is probably the best idea. But determining a fixed, flat cost might turn off a bunch of readers. I think a flexible subscription option might be the best way to gather readers. What I mean by that is have a X dollar minimum ( this could be site dependent, I think $1/month might work for a lot of sites) for access to the network (outside of your own main True Hoop stuff), and give subscribers the ability to donate their own amount.

As far as the content goes - it's all about the pursuit of truth. Analysis, features, etc. No post-game, pre-game recaps and other fluff that everyone else is doing. That should be the MO of every site added to the network. Now this is the hard part because pursuing content and writers who create this content is difficult. But I think it can be done on a site by site basis.

Idk, I have more ideas but need a lot more time to think.

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Hey Henry, would you consider bringing back the network?