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Yes, Kris this is where you're supposed to be!


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I just feel so incredibly lucky to have worked with Colleen Dewhurst. She was such a great grand lady of the theatre and SO down to earth. A example for a young actor to witness.

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It's hard to say exactly how and when we will return to "normalcy," however I certainly think we see a huge appetite for content right now and lots of different formats and styles that are coming in to fill that space. I think we're looking a more serial style story-telling, shorter seasons, character driven content. People really want to get wrapped up in the world of something and go on a journey with compelling characters. And then of course there's Tik Tok and all the user generated content out there that people are consuming voraciously in small bites every day. It will be interesting to see if that continues to democratize the world of storytelling, bringing exciting new voices to the fore, or just get commodified more and more.



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Thanks everybody!

Signing off now. Please continue to support Independent Filmmaking. A great way to ensure we continue to tell new, honest and interesting stories.


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I loved my character and I loved all the outrageous things I got to do as Catherine. And I absolutely LOVED my costumes.