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Bills gotta get paid, man.

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As a well traveled person let me say that the world is exciting, interesting, and wonderful, but at the end of the day family and friends are what's most important.

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A southerner who can't tolerate 60 degree weather? Must be a pretty miserable southerner.

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I may be in the minority in saying yes, I am, but I am also in the minority in understanding the true costs of the climate calamity we are in the process of creating. True, the pipeline is a small battle compared to the larger fight but if we can't win here we can't win anywhere.

This is exactly why this project is important. People in favor of the pipeline like to say oh well it will only delay the extraction of this oil, and it will increase oil prices etc. I say yes, exactly. The more delay, and the more expensive this oil becomes to extract, the less economically viable it becomes, the more marginal projects will be left as is, and the more time we have to develop reasonable and clean alternatives.

Also, denying this pipeline will not cause oil prices to spike enough to increase the cost of living by 20%. That's absurd. It may increase prices by a very small amount but not 20%.

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Would you support a ban or restriction on fracking if it was shown that methane leaks make the technology worse than burning coal? The problem is that we don't yet have a solid accounting of how and how much methane leaks into the atmosphere, and some evidence shows the amount leaked could cause equal or more warming than coal. This is my main concern with the huge fracking boom going on right now.