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Does the media try to make sure that a recession will happen by constantly reporting that a recession may happen even if a recession might not happen?

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I bet. Even though the vessels I worked on were not mine. I still put a lot of heart into them. Especially the fire boat named 343 that was built for the New York City Fire Department. The name 343 is a tribute to the 343 first responders that died on 9-11 and the steel used for making the pieces for the name that is welded on the sides of the boat are cut from steel that came from the towers. I really enjoyed being a part of building that vessel the most.

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I guess I have a couple questions. Is it a wood or steel vessel? If steel, how did you go about nesting/lofting the parts? Did you have an architect draw it for you ?

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A beautiful vessel for sure. Having worked on boats myself I know that this was no small achievement. Even in a fully functioning yard with crews of experienced hands. This would probably still take some time to complete.

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I always hear that stuff is cyclical. I’m just lost as to how that works because I also hear that consumers make up a majority of the economy. If one is true then the other has to be false. I only say that because what part of a consumers life is cyclical? They don’t quit eating, wearing clothes, driving cars, going to work, paying utilities, repairing their homes, replacing dead appliances. None of that is cyclical so how are consumers considered the driving force of the economy if the market decides that it is gonna shit out regardless.