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Adam, what can people actually do to help make things better? Some of us don't have much time or money nor do we have a large audience. Sometimes it feels a little helpless watching our country be ruined by political forces outside of our control.

What can we do?

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I might be wrong, but the Greens had their budget publicly published before the last federal election?

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Maybe when you're re-elected you can come back and give us some stories? :o)

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Good evening Senator!

While I don't live in Western Australia (Victoria), I really want to help the Greens and yourself to the best of my ability but I'm not sure how. Besides the 'share' and 'retweet' and occasional upvote, how can I support the Greens? Should I contact my local member, or should I focus towards showing more support for Adam Bandt (albeit you have a greater online presence)?

Secondly, how do we change the mentality of older generations (whose beliefs are being transferred down to younger generations) about the Greens party?

Thirdly, I've learned that the Greens party in Tasmania are actually quite different from the Greens in VIC/WA/NSW, do you know how they're able to be so radically different (apparently they support 'stopping the boats' with Papua New Guinea)?

Keep up the good work, never forget that lots of people appreciate the work you do.