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Back doors are bad news - not least because they leave people open to hacks

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Again, candidly, I think awareness is low. I spent most of my career before parliament in the tech industry so I often find parliament a frustrating place to debate this. Its hard enough to get things like a mobile signal in the office! But: the answer is a proper industrial strategy with investment for the creative industries with the right kind of leadership that allows Govt to click in support where needed

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Actually, that's what we're trying to pin down with our Peoples' Plan (www.peoplesplan.co.uk). I don't think it makes sense for me to cook up a plan in a room in Westminster. We want to draw together the best ideas in the world. I've just spent a couple of days for instance in Estonia, which has used eGovernment and a public e-ID scheme to transform the digital economy. We could learn an awful lot from this.

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Yes! They're been really helpful - and offered a load of good ideas at our round tables here in parliament