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The advertising is reasonably harmless. But now facebook also knows (I'm making stuff up here, but they won't be):

  • you're young (they have your DOB)
  • into video games
  • probably a student (the site you purchased from has discounts for students, and the bank card you used is from a bank with the best student accounts around, and students are more likely to have the time/desire to play video games than 40 year olds with a career and kids)
  • from Missouri
  • attended a Bernie rally last week (facebook constantly pings your location on your phone)

Cambridge Analytica comes along, buys the data, and says, "Hmmm, young and into politics enough to go to a Bernie rally. Lives in a traditionally red state, perfect. Let's sign this dude up for our BLM ads, police brutality, poor treatment of welfare recipients, the whole 9 yards. Let's get this guy REALLY worked up about all the injustice and inequality that's around him every day. Meanwhile let's get these Republicans over here equally worked up about immigrants stealing their jobs, lawlessness, and family values. If we get a couple thousand people on both sides worked up, at least a few of them will end up brawling. That will create some nice headlines to distract everyone from the fact that all the documents linking Bill Barr and Epstein, happened to disappear." (Replace Barr with Bill Clinton if you like. I don't really care who you prefer to demonize)

Now at the very least, you've got people seeing things every single day that push them a little further toward extreme opinions (left or right, extreme is extreme). Whether it ends in violence, or just people so polarized they can't see the truth, it doesn't really matter. The country's divided and bad actors can use the chaos to get their way. All because they knew exactly who to target with what.

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If you think the mean streets are rife with crime, the absence of ethics in Washington was staggering

Why does this not surprise me?

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I agree. The English skills are better than most native blue-collar speakers and praise/defense of the company is unceasing. I don't believe this is a worker. It's rare to find even a native speaker who throws the word "ilk" into conversation as he did. And if workers spend 14 hours a day at work, going back to their dorms only to sleep, how do they have time to become familiar enough with the internet and western humor to toss "triggered" jokes around? Most people who have only a day and a half each week to do everything they need would spend most of it taking care of their own errands and talking with family. Internet time would be limited and used for whatever is important to them. It's theoretically possible that reddit or 4chan just happens to be what's important to this guy, but pretty unlikely.

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He didn't say no, and he's spent his entire life dodging questions.

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Remember when BadLuckBrian's AmA got deleted

Really? How perfect is that?