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Please apply, we are hiring in many positions that we haven’t had the time to put on our site. [email protected]

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Need some cash?

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The short answer to this is that I believe Doublelift > Cody and Impact > Flame. Yes, synergy is a factor but not the only one and synergy can be recreated, especially with a three year strategy.

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We have not yet settled on a “city-specific” place for Team Liquid. That being said we are partnered with USC and doing a few events coming up. We also have worked with UCI and their esports program. We’ve done a considerable amount of philanthropic initiatives and I’m working on the next “big bluff” which is a lcs owners poker event that we did last year. Our initiatives for 2018 specifically are more around community and community engagement. We just hired 10 new folks to run our discord which has every one of our games. We also are launching an in-game client and guild community initiative. We’ll continue to work with local colleges and universities. A much larger initiative may be possible in the future with a partner who has store front locations across the country.