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A real TIL for me. This gave me chills!

As someone who was forced into Scientology as a pre-teen by family members and is an adult now, I have often thought back with both disgust & fascination at how much like a cult it was and how people I was related to would have done anything the Org (Church of Scientology) demanded of them.

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How much research and training do you do before going on an adventure? Do you consult experts in order to best prepare yourself for the element(s) you're about to encounter?

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What are your symptoms? Aside from HGH, do you take any others meds? How does this affect your life, either negatively or positively? Thank you for sharing.

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Awesome life experience! I have so many questions! Pardon the barrage, but thanks for this AMA.

How did you maintain your personal hygiene? Did you go long periods without bathing? Or wearing dirty clothes? What items did you carry with you at all times? Any regrets?