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Our secret is growing.. http://imgur.com/85q51zi

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Hey Eddie, Hey Bruce!Thanks for doing this!

I am very excited to try the Cornerstone Rye and I love the 101 Rye, always have a bottle on the shelf.

I am curious about the Russell's Rye, specifically Single Barrels. I imagine much of the rye stock goes to the aforementioned bottles but occasionally we get a release of single barrel Russells rye and they are magnificent. Some of the best rye I have had, specifically Bruce's Rye barrel that he is glad i enjoyed haha ( https://www.reddit.com/r/bourbon/comments/6pzn72/i_was_lucky_enough_to_do_a_private_barrel_pick_of/ ), and the Liquor Barn Russell's Rye #3.

Will we be be seeing more Russell's SiB rye picks in the future? Is this something that could potentially become a staple the way RR store picks have become? I think many drinkers agree that the RR is one of the best bang for your buck bottles that is available on the shelf and we would love the see the rye follow suit.

Also, will there be any Camp Nelson Ryes coming out in the future??

Thank you again for taking time to do this and thanks for everything Turkey!

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Thanks for the response Eddie!

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Hey guys! huge fan of turkey and love everything you do over at WT. I actually met both of you this past year, Jimmy at TPS in newport, and Eddie, unless i am mistaken, you spoke at the Bourbon Society of Greater Cincinnati meeting (m pretty sure at least.. may have been drunk). But either way, both of you signed my masters keep 17 year old.

Are you guys going to be back in cincy anytime soon? Would love to see you both again and hear you speak? If so, will you sign my new bottle of decades and tell some more fun stories about the business?

Thanks for all you guys do, keep up the wonderful work