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Oh man, I don't have a question for you or anything, but I DO want to compliment you on using Breathe Me for Six Feet Under. That's probably my all time favorite series finale, just because of that one scene. It completely ruined my day when I finally saw it, but in the absolute best way possible.

Also Tv On the Radio's 'DLZ' in Breaking Bad was another stellar choice.

Thanks a ton for those moments!

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This is a sort of bizarre question, but I have a friend who is applying to be a nuclear operator, and Ive signed on to be a reference for him. He isn't really sure what that entails other than the written portion, but he's heard that they do face to face interviews (with the people giving the reference). Do you know if thats the case?

Cheers from a bored guy sitting in a civilian nuke plant as we speak.