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Someone once told me that even if you do legitimately owe the debt, you can still tell the companies to stop contacting you and they have to by law. Any truth to that, or does all this only apply if you don't actually owe them money?

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There is a definite seen that fits this description directly, but it's in the 2nd movie when Keno is trying out for the foot..

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As someone who works for a credit union, we only require 3.5% down for FHA loans, 5% for conventional. However, keep in mind, this is just the down payment and does not include escrow, fees or other closing costs which will dramatically raise how much you need to close, but if you have a good agent, you can get the seller to pay some closing costs to help out.

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On average, where I'm at, 4.2% is normal. You can drop the rate with discount points but that would require more money up front. A shorter term will also help lower your rate if you can afford the payments.