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The situation here is bad, Bosnia today is like a ticking time bomb that could embroil the nation into a conflict again. After the genocide that had happend many Bosniaks view Serbs negatively because of what they have done. On the other hand some Serbs despise Bosniaks because of tje sentiment implemented towards them during the war, so depending on the region they live in, they may get stigma from one ethnic group, or none at all

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It has effected every civillian. Everyone lost at least one of their loved ones, if they were not in a city or town getting besieged and have to hear gunfire ever day, they were under Serbian occupation where you either got killed or sent to a concentration camp, or if you are one of the lucky ones, managed to escape to Bosnian held territory. People are still scarred of the events that unfolded here many years ago, and can't continue normal life from what they have witnessed.

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Yep exactly

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The Serbs today are big nationalists, some deny it and some even support it. I remember once going to Srebrenica and seeing people cleaning a graffiti on one of the memorials that said "There will be another one" and all of that. Until the Serbs calm down, apologize for everything they did, the scars will still be there forever. We have a saying here "We forgive, but we will never forget"

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I agree with you entirely, thank you for explaining that