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I watched my mother go through 9 years of chemo for colon cancer (found it at stage 4). I watched her suffer through weight lose, lack of eating, losing feeling in her feet so less walking. I now carry her some of her ashes around my neck. She passed away Dec 13, 2028. It completely and utterly change almost every part of me after losing her. She was always in high spirits, she would always preach and blog and remind people to go get checked out by a certain age. She would wear a blue wig during cancer awareness month. I miss her immensely. Even though she was suffering she kept her head up and stayed strong, had she not who knows what kind of state I or my siblings would be in. I saw your reply when someone asked did you were afraid and you answered that. So I guess my next one would be, what do you do or have done to help prepare the people that will lose you?