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First off, awesome, second, when did you have the chance to experience bizarre sex stories to share? My understanding of mormonism was that they weren't particularly okay with their members having good sex stories, and it sounds like you've only had a little bit of time away from the church.

And third, what's your favorite sex story to tell?

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What does your comedy focus on?

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Well, that's awesome. For what it's worth, though, as one artist (writer) to another, it'd probably be a good idea to expand your repertoire in the long run. While sex stories make good high notes in a comedic performance, they're generally more effective when you can use them as contrasting pieces. But that's just my experience.

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I'm sure you will. Honestly, the thoughts that came to my mind were about the unexpected trials and tribulations of living in a tiny home. Like how there's nowhere to go to escape a fart, or how it's essentially impossible to find a place to masturbate where nobody will hear you. Or how you can't really storm off to your room when someone pisses you off.