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Hi! I’ve only met one Native American but I was like 6 at the time and it didn’t occur to me to ask:

What’s your preferred nomenclature? I know political correctness is often anathema for a comedy writer but it’d be really helpful if you could sort the following terms:

  • Native American

  • Aboriginal

  • First Nations

  • Indian

  • Injun

  • Redskin

...into three categories:

  1. “That’s fine”,

  2. “I’d prefer you didn’t but whatever”

  3. “OK now you’re just being an asshole”

You don’t have to answer in a way that represents anyone’s opinion but your own. I assume there’s at least one (and probably two) category threes there but I want to confirm, and I wanna know if there are ones you tolerate but you wish you didn’t have to.

Not a fun question, I know, but you’d be helping me out if you school me on this

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What’s your position on whether British soldiers should be given immunity from prosecution?

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  1. What’s the absolute weirdest thing you thought it might be, and how did you eliminate that as a possibility?

  2. What are your current “leads”? I.e. what’s the next thing you’re checking for

  3. Do you have supertypes of conditions that you’ve definitely eliminated completely as a culprit? I.e. is the idea that it’s autoimmune based on definitely eliminating other causes as possibilities? In other words, “it’s not bacterial because X”, “it’s not viral because Y”, “it’s not fungal because Z”, etc.

  4. I assume you’ve had tests both during flare-ups and when it’s “dormant” or whatever. What differences have shown up?

Obviously I’m not a doctor and am not purporting to be able to “figure it out” over the Internet, I’m just genuinely curious to hear more of this medical mystery

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Cool, thank you! I was mostly curious to see where “Indian” fell, since my understanding had been that it had fallen out of favour but then I saw you using it so I wanted to know whether it was over-correcting to avoid it.

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Who’s your favorite superhero? Is it reasonable to assume it’s Daredevil?