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The bear attack wasn't believable until we saw the pictures of the bear. That's the winner for me. -- Joey

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Only the smart ones. Thinking generates heat, heat kills hair follicles. It's science.


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I wasn't anywhere near the beach, I swear. With the return postmark being Miami Beach.

The most common? "It just stopped working" and then the item comes back with a huge dent or filled with seaweed.

The best true one: "Right after I set up, this grizzly attacked and beat the crap out of the camera and tripod". The dude took cell phone video of it. https://www.lensrentals.com/blog/2012/05/the-damage-waiver-bearly-covered-this-one/comment-page-1/


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Burning man is an annual damage fest for us. Roger

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In science, as things heat up, they become less efficient. Overheating is never a good thing. Just a thought.

- Head full of hair Zach