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Hi Stephen,

Do you remember any stories from Sneakers that you can share with us? I love that movie with a passion.

Also, you've been my favourite actor since I've had favourite actors (some time in the previous millennium). Thank you for the AMA. *_*

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What are the chances of another BSG concert? Still totally bummed that I didn't have the chance to see it.

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I had lunch in a restaurant with a similar MO in Charlotte, probably about 8 years ago, and loved it.

Do you keep in touch with similar businesses, e.g. To discuss business strategies and experiences, or collaborate in any other way such as marketing?

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I think /u/Oobah's next movie will be "How I made everybody believe I was a failed rockstar trying to bullshit his way to fame"

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That's bullshit. Of course RDJ wants publicity. He has a major movie coming out and that's his job.

Yes, I think that is the important distinction here. RDJ is there on work hours, doing work, with someone he has a work relationship with, and not on personal time, talking about personal things with a personal friend.

I'm a technical trainer, and when I'm on site with customers, I talk and answer questions all day long. If they decided to ask me about the relationship with my father, that would be inappropriate, and repeatedly asking would be disrespectful.

But people don't typically expect that sort of thing from technical trainers. Why is it expected of actors? They have every right to separate work life and private life - we're already making it hard enough for them.

In the setting, it was inappropriate and disrespectful of the journalist to keep asking, and I don't blame RDJ for removing himself from the situation. Let's also not forget that he did decline verbally (and in very clear words) first.