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Do you reckon that long, drawn out ('scuse the pun) and dramatic Flash cartoons are generally less popular than the short, cheeky ones?

Is it a reflection of the internet, where the quick access to anything lowers patience?

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I may be an idiot (I'm going to say something that should be very common knowledge).

The number of casualties is about six million. Where did these numbers come from? Are they from ledgers? Records? I ask because I hate holocaust deniers and yet, I'm just as ignorant as they are because I myself do not know.

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Evening gents!

How do you feel about the new actor to play Johnny Storm being of black descent?

Do you think that this particular role is not race specific?

Are there roles that definitely not only are, but need to be?

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Did you think the episode of Deadliest Warrior was true to the weapon?

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Good God.