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What are the kind of things you learned while working your blockbuster role in "The Hunger Games Trilogy"?

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Ha, interestingly enough I never told a single person about the condition. Best part is my parents JUST found out about it due to the fact I was shoveling with my dad during the big snow storm a couple weeks ago. Only times it was ever bought up was if someone saw me break out if I was outside for too long or I was stocking a shelf in the cooler back when I worked at the grocery store.

Instead of having a traumatizing event I just thought of it as a hassle and never worried about it, probably because I was an idiot 16 year old kid. I know I always have/wear warm clothing outside or even in doors during the winter, even if it's room temperature or higher.

Perhaps I'll finally be motivated visiting a dermatologist after reading your story!

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Hi, I'm also 22 and I have the same issue!... but I've never really took the time or cared enough to do research probably because it hasn't effected my life that much yet.

Has this been this way your whole life? I remember when I was a kid I use to play outside in winter or walk to school and I never got the hives. It was probably around the time I was 16 when I started getting hives if exposed to the cold for too long.