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The good news is that you actually have most of depth perception - parallax (which is what you're thinking of, sensing depth using comparison between your eyes) isn't most of it. Most of it is stuff like which object is in front, relative size, how quickly objects appear to "shift" when you move (which perhaps can be observed better with two eyes, but it seems to work with one), and other distinguishing features that you can see with one eye. Maybe I'm weird, but I notice no significant difference (maybe a minor one, but nothing much) in my depth perception when I close one eye.

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Why would you eat your sleeping wife?

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The study you posted offers recommendations on how to reduce gun violence. As long as the CDC is allowed to make policy recommendations, why is it banned from recommending, y'know, gun control? Why is it legally prevented from making certain recommendations even if they might work?

I agree, we should leave policy decisions to Congress. But the CDC is completely within its rights to make policy recommendations to Congress, which it is then free to follow or to disregard.

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The Dickey Amendment does not ban the CDC from studying gun violence outright, but it does ban it from making policy recommendations concerning gun control. Policy recommendations are part of CDC studies on gun violence, and given the restriction, they only include stuff like community organizing, etc. So the CDC is in fact restricted in terms of how it can conduct studies on gun violence.

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I said *restricted*, not banned. Notice that none of the recommendations have anything to do with gun control? Well, there are two interpretations for that:

  1. The CDC doesn't think that gun control is a good idea, based on the result of this study.
  2. There is an existing law, on the books, that says the CDC is not allowed to use federal money to advocate for gun control.

So you can't really use the CDC to say we don't need gun control when the CDC is not allowed to recommend gun control.