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In my opinion, it was Turkey's almost immediate revealing of evidence which made this story so compelling. Had it been a case where Khashoggi simply went missing and no one had any evidence of where he went, this would have been swept under the rug.

The fact that Turkey came out within a day or two and said "we have tapes from within the consul which detail the cries etc." that immediately shone a spotlight on the SA government and turned it from a missing persons to a murder investigation.

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Why should people elect someone with so little experience and education?

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@jrezaian: You didn't answer the question.

Do you feel that the US government is doing enough to protect press freedom at home and especially around the world?

Emphasis mine.

Protecting press freedom and promoting press freedom are two vastly different things.

Protecting press freedom from a legal standpoint. Let's start there. Do you think that the U.S. is doing enough from a legal standpoint?

To what you did write, you said:

if anything the current administration's approach to dismissing journalism critical of it as fake or biased is corrosive to the notion of press freedom.

This is incredibly vague, but I'll provide some examples of where this Administration has been correct in calling out fake news. From your very own company:


This being said, would you also hold yourself and others in your field accountable for needing to be objective? With as much "spin" as many news outlets seem to put on every story that's put out nowadays, and how (as evidenced in the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh) the press wants to put out stories that jump to conclusions or provoke a response before the facts are laid out, it's difficult to see the press as the victim of oppression in the U.S.

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The circumstances of Poe’s death seem to be unknown but hint at foul election play. What do you think really happened?

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Interesting, thanks!