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Hello fellow official! A little backstory before I ask my question, I work primarily in Northern California and am a level 2, could be higher but I'm in school. I've played since I was young and really love the game.

My local organization ( I'll leave the name out but you can look it up) seems to be lacking any motivation to make NorCal a better place for both playing and officiating. Not many people move on to level 4 and the overall mood towards the organization isn't very bright. Also there was a recent incident with my local adult league team where another team was being very dirty and causing a lot of trouble to the league. Both the league and my organiztion did very little which annoyed me.

So my question is, did you ever have problems with your local organization or is it just me.

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May be to late but here we go......

  1. Do you have any plans of coaching in your future?

  2. Not a question but i love your input when i watch a sharks game i hope they give you a bigger role next year!

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Hey i read your dad scouted in fresno, ever make it down there to watch some games?

Also what was your favorite place to travel to and play at?