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I would never even try to imagine what you have been though, but I'm glad things have turned around, and congratulations on the Child!

My question is, once you were proven innocent, did you face any hardships trying to get that record expunged? Especially on a personal level, were there still people from your life who still thought you were guilty, and what complications came with dealing with that? are they going to reopen the case of the two murdered people?

Thank you for taking the time

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Thank you so much for answering! Keep up the great work, both of you!

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First off, this is incredible, and a dream of mine. Unfortunately i'm an american with a crap load of college debt!

I read your other answers and I just had a couple questions!

  1. You mentioned your first night camping in a campground, and how it wasn't the best setting. As time went on did you just start setting up on the side of the road? or were there any other challenges finding camping spots when there wasn't a campsite hostile friends couch etc?

  2. How safe did you feel when you were mostly alone camping in between citys/towns?

    Thank you so much for doing this AMA, hopefully one day I can do this!

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Thank you so much for answering!

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First off I love your books, they were very important in shaping my childhood.

Secondly, What does your dad think of your books? I never thought one of the kings of comedy would have had a son that would write one of the best pieces of Zombie literature! Does he dig them? Did he help at all with the writing of the guide or WWZ? Thanks!