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Hi Naomi!

Big big fan of your work and Mulholland Drive is one of my all time favorite movies! :)

How was it playing one of the Rabbits in David Lynch´s short film series? The costumes combined with the cold atmosphere and setting always made me believe, that it was a very strange but beautiful shoot.

P.S.: You are killing it in the new Twin Peaks and I really like the way you yell "Dougie!" at Kyle MacLachlan :)

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Hi Jeremy. I tried to ask you this question yesterday but unfortunaly it was just at the end of you q & a...so here is my question: How did it feel to fish in Chernobyl and do you believe there is a giant ,mutated Killercatfish down there ? 😊 Very good episode by the way 😀

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Hi Sofia,

I am a big White Stripes fan and I really love your musicvideo for the song "I Just Don´t Know What To Do With Myself". How the hell did you came up with the brilliant idea to visualize this song with Kate Moss doing a Pole Dance in B/W. It´s so strangely fitting an mesmerizing.

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How and why did you become an hippie during that time?

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Hey Guys! I am a big Franz Ferdinand fan and Iam definetly going to buy the new album. I am also looking forward to see you at Lallapalooza Berlin. My question to you is: Have you ever planned to make a collaboration with Jack White ?