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I loved reading your story on Humans of New York and congrats on raising that much money so far! What’s the biggest obstacle you’re facing in terms of building the Dikan center right now?

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Thanks for doing this AMA! Was it difficult to get people (especially those who participate in this illegal trade) to talk about it? What sorts of challenges did you face while reporting on this topic?

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Hi there! What was the most unexpected thing that you encountered while working in the Bolivian Amazon? And what sort of adventures (either good or bad) have you had while documenting animal agriculture in the past 6 months?

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Hi there! What advice would you give to someone who is trying to get into wildlife photography? Also what is an aspect of the illegal wildlife trade that you think everyone should know about?

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In your opinion, do you think we're giving up too much for the sake of security? How do we strike a balance between all the cool things we can do with surveillance and all the creepy stuff that happens with it?