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  • the OP isn't the little Indonesian kid, OP is from the US and visiting, the questions are coming via a translator
  • internet access is available on mobile, you don't need to use text messaging, but Reddit is blocked under Indonesia's anti-porn law, and maybe OP doesn't have the technical skills or equipment to circumvent it (it's not that hard though)
  • kids can play games there is usually someone who has a set of 'PS' (Playstations, I'm not sure which one PS2 maybe?) and you can go and play for about $0.30 per hour. But obviously this depends if you like to play games.
  • These are probably just random kids from the village, there are millions more in similar circumstances. They have good access to elementary education but the standards are pretty low. The problem is that elementary education doesn't open that many doors. Good careers in Indonesia require money. For example to become a policeman costs around $10,000. It's the fee to enter the police training school. Pay that money and you will earn it back through bribes over your career. Don't have the cash - no job for you. Similarly to get a job even as a nurse in a hospital (obviously subject to being qualified) is going to require a bribe.
  • University education isn't affordable for most people. Being well-educated will give you a good career, but world-class education is way too expensive for these kids. Some of the parents of these kids will pay for second-rate tertiary education, but the career prospects aren't good.
  • Laptops are good but you'd probably be better off donating it to a school. Most schools won't have any IT equipment. Remember there are literally millions of kids who are being denied opportunity because of lack of access to technology. The best way for internet access would probably a 3g tablet (ipad or similar), because there is good mobile phone access, but not typically any fixed telephone lines.
  • One of the most important skills these kids can learn is English. If you can support the Duolingo Indonesian-> English project that would be great. http://incubator.duolingo.com/courses/en/id/status At the moment it's in beta and there are only 600 learners. Some of the other courses have millions. English language skills are incredibly important for these kids' futures.

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tube drivers get £50k

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I don't think South Park claims to be pure satire. It's gross-out humour and it's also an absurd image, which makes it funny. You don't get to go on South Park without being turned into some grotesque figure.