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How come there is not more awareness on the link between a large proportion of non traumed-based psychiatric illnesses and probiotic/vitamin deficiencies when the two have been proven to be linked?

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First off I want to say thank you for sharing your career experience.
I am based in the EU have obtained my Security+ cert and currently doing CISSP to give the paper to my career goals. The particular area you cover re: removal of NCP and cyber crime was a strong drive for me to study and get into information security-related position as there simply are not enough people working in Cyber security, not to mention the lack of people doing anything about the absolute slew of NCP that is out there without most people even knowing. Was it an area that you ever thought you would be working in? also will you and your partners company be expanding at all in the future for hire?

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Thank you kindly for the reply!

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Were there any signs of abuse in either of their early lives that may have encouraged them to repeat such behaviour?