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LeagueofDraaven6 karma

Hey Maven Do you still like or respect the wrestling industry? And who was someone you wanted to work with but you didnt get the chance too?

LeagueofDraaven3 karma

Mick what was going through your mind when you picked up the Rocks glasses during his promo? I heard it wasnt planned, but it turned out to be one of the most memorable moments between you and the Rock.

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Hi David! Thank you for doing this AMA . I got two questions. What was the most fun moment you have had inside the ring? And also who is your favourite opponent that you have faced thus far in WWE

LeagueofDraaven2 karma

What were some of your guys's favourite moments in Uncharted 3? And were there any moment in Uncharted 3 where you have the expression of "did we really just do that"?

LeagueofDraaven1 karma

Hi Drea! Thank you for doing this AMA. MY question is when you were off of Sons of Anarchy did you watch the show before you were brought back on in the 6th season? Or did you just go back to the show like normal with out watching it ?