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Historically speaking, the value of lives in Russia is exceedingly low compared to Western countries.

They're recruited, trained, and mentally molded into the purest of psychopaths. I haven't run into them myself, but I've seen videos in non-public forums...let's just say, I believe this guy. I've got a pretty skeptical eye on some of the things he's said, but I believe him on this.

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I humbly request that you try to discover things that you like about people whose political proclivities you dislike.

People are people. We should, as much as we can, be excellent to each other. Thanks for coming to my Bill and Ted talk.

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Hey guys. I'm halfway through my MS in Cybersecurity, and spend a ton of time these days combing through NIST publications. What is the biggest shortfall or blind spot in cybersecurity policy that you know of?

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I worked with CanSOF once. Dudes are a special breed of fucking crazy. If their Intel guys are anything like that, be afraid. Mad respect, but be afraid.

I love me some SEALs and Deltas, but CanSOF goes straight Roman Empire on bad guys.