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Greetings Dr. Amirahmadi.

American activist with tough questions for you:

(1) Under what conditions and circumstances, if any, would your administration seek to normalize relations with the United States Government?

(2) For the Republic of Iran to engage in arms reduction control negotiations, which nations would have to participate as a prerequisite?

(3) What do you regard as the best approach for Iran for alleviating and undoing the present sanctions and embargoes?

(4) What is your opinion of the Iranian atomic technology development program? Under what conditions would you suspend or halt further research and development?

(5) Under what, if any, circumstances, would your administration engage in any form of rapproachment or detente with the Israeli government? What are your prerequisites and conditions for improving relations with that government?

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What do you feel were the warning signs that were ignored by the world about what was going to happen?

What were the warning signs about the Khmer Rouge that you ignored, and when did you flee? What do you think were the biggest factors in escaping the Khmer Rouge, other than sheer luck? What tips might you have for the Yazidi people of Iraq, who may be facing a similar scenario?

During the time that it happened, do you think that there was anything that could have prevented the rise of the Khmer Rouge other than military intervention/action?

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What are the possibilities of another Musharraf style coup? There've been so many before...

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Are there any parties that are so crazy as to start another war with India, and or to go nuclear? Even if they are fringe parties, what are the odds of them playing kingmaker to a coalition?

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We're a year and a half away from getting certified. It means taking a hit for a few seasons, but being able to attract a higher level of grower and better distributors- organic crops get a premium, after all.